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Circleville, OH May 23, 2011 -- Telesis Technologies, the industry leader in
Product Identification and Processing Technologies, with over 30 years in
the marking/coding and traceability business, offers a NEW range of flexible
laser marking solutions for the complete
spectrum of packaging applications.
Whether it is marking on the fly (MOTF) or
static operations, Telesis solution capabilities
incorporate material handling, enclosures,
conveyors, encoders, part present sensors, touch screen, integrated PC as well
as custom turnkey integration applications backed with full service support.
With know-how gained from tens of thousands of installed marking systems
globally in automotive, aerospace, medical, general machining and packaging
applications, Telesis demonstrates technological leadership for today's wide
range of packaging challenges with advanced laser marking solutions.
As an example, utilizing proprietary laser technologies, Telesis successfully
processes a diverse number of "GREEN" materials and foils providing contrast
while not damaging the package or contents. This serves the users with
environmentally safe marking solutions and allows for more efficient packaging
production lines with no consumables. In other cases, conventional marking
methods used on HDPE containers may cause the mark to "run" or smear,
however; Telesis advanced laser marking solutions provide permanent, attractive
and stable marks to set new levels of quality and reliability required for today's
packaging production lines.
Telesis offers the largest variety of marking products to ever serve the packaging
industry. Along with conventional CO2, Fiber and YAG lasers, Telesis brings
Green, UV and YV04 laser technology to the Packaging Industry and will
showcase the systems at the 2011 East Pack Show in New York City . All laser
solutions are available as standard or custom in both CDRH Class I or Class IV
as the application dictates. Capabilities include CFR Part 21 compliance,
AMI (Automated Machine Interface) software tools for ease of integration
and validation, 2D with verification, vision tools and MOTF as well as static
marking. In addition, Telesis provides industry leading service and support with
a corps of highly trained technical service engineers, operating through domestic
and international locations, plus more than 100 distributors and domestic sales
Telesis Technologies Inc. is a world leader in manufacturing
standard and customized permanent parts-marking/processing
equipment and systems - including a broad range of Laser
marking and, Pinstamp®, systems. Since 1971, Telesis has
provided durable and accurate parts marking capabilities
worldwide, from small shops to Fortune 100 manufacturing firms and
governmental organizations. Telesis is now the most trusted brand in the parts-
marking industry.
Contact: Ralph Villiotti
Business Development and Sales Manager
Telesis Technologies, Inc
Tel 724 733 0522