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Telesis Marking Systems

Providing Product Identification and Traceability Solutions to the Heavy Equipment Industry for over 30 years!

The Telesis name has a proven track record of providing turnkey solutions to the Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Industry. Our history involves Fortune 500 companies producing everything from earth moving machines to heavy truck frames.

Our wide assortment of products affords us the opportunity to satisfy virtually all identification needs.

Pinstamp® and Scribe products are designed to provide the deepest of VIN (vehicle identification number) marking on a variety of components. Engines, transmissions, components and structural frames are just a few of the parts we have marked. Each marker has been designed to provide identification, that not only survives secondary processing (IE heat treating, blasting, coating, etc.), but survives the life cycle of the part in the harshest of environments.

Integrated Laser Markers, Vision Systems and Databases have been successfully implemented into a wide range of production line operations to control manufacturing and data collection processes. By providing high contrast marks on a variety of components and tracking them through the entire manufacturing operation, TTI is able to provide extremely valuable information to manufacturing engineering and quality controls.

Implementation of this type of turnkey system at a world renown Heavy Equipment supplier has resulted in a cost savings of dollars in recalls.

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