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At the end of last year we asked our Sales Force and Service Engineers to share their success stories in this newsletter. we wanted them to share how and why Telesis makes the difference -Telesis is able to mark in a cost-effective way, in top quality, under the most difficult circumstances.

Share these stories as we do with you, share your production challenges with us, and there is no doubt we will come up with the right solutions. Telesis can make the difference with our quality products, with our prices and with our After-Sales and Support.

René van der Toorn
General Manager Telesis Europe

Where did Telesis go this month?

Northern Germany!

Our customer is a key supplier in the automotive industry, who produces cast aluminum parts for chassis, body and powertrain.

Telesis was requested to supply a pinstamp marking system for integration in their production line. They needed to mark a serial number and the production date on cylinder heads - our customer was looking for a cost effective solution.

The first challenge was to integrate the marking head in the production line upside down. The second challenge was to provide the customer with a system able to deal with the metal chips, shavings and dust falling from the parts onto the marking head. After a while the marking head would be completely filled with debris and the pin would not move anymore.

The customer had tried various marking systems from the competition for which he was paying about 1,200.00 Euros maintenance costs per month!

Telesis proposed the TMP1700 for this application. The TMP1700 marking system was the best choice - it is compact, robust and ideal for integration. In the last 10 years the Telesis TMP1700 has proven to be a reliable and efficient system. The system was supplied equipped with a protective shield. But even the debris-shield was unable to keep the residues and dust out of the head.

Every problem has a simple solution.

The operator blew some air inside the head, cleaned it out and simply put it back in the production line, and saved 14,400 Euros per year. He `marked` the extreme reliability of the Telesis TMP1700.

Would you like to get more information about the TMP1700?

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High Speed Marking Challenge for the EV40!

"Marking On The Fly"(MOTF) aluminum cans at a Russian beer plant!

In 2013 a number of beverage companies have been exploring the possibility of changing to laser marking their aluminum cans. Currently ink-jet printers are used to mark these cans. The 3 main reasons to consider changing to a laser solution are:

- High cost of considerable amounts of ink
- High maintenance of ink-jet printers
- Ink can be removed from the aluminum cans

Our customer requested all the major suppliers of marking equipment to come up with a laser solution. The Telesis Distributor - Micsys - was one of these companies. This prompted Micsys to develop a new strategy to offer a cost-effective solution.

Why did we decide to follow up on this project: 

- Telesis has a line of Vanadate lasers ranging up to 40W average power that have an outstanding beam quality and high peak powers, allowing marking which is faster and with higher contrast.
- The major players in the food and beverage packaging focus on CO2 technology, and very few of them have real life solid and trustworthy laser implementations.
-In 2013 Telesis successfully implemented a high-speed cable marking solution in Belarus using a customized EV40 laser.

The issues that we had to consider for this project were:

- The customer has the fastest production line in Moscow: 80,000 cans per hour and 120 m/mn line speed - Each second as many as 22 cans to be marked, with 45ms total cycle time each!
- The mark done on bare aluminum in less than 45ms must be readable.
- Each can has to have MONTH, DAY, HOUR and MINUTE code updated in real time.

Telesis however, came with the right solution while visiting its customer on site. Having adjusted the encoder and sensor, the MOTF mode was enabled and the line ran for 2 test hours marking 160,000 cans with a date and time code. As a result of this successful demonstration, Moscow Beer company signed a contract with Micsys for a Telesis EV40 laser marking system, which was installed and commissioned in January 2014.

Telesis likes a challenge!

Access to the Video 

Would you like to get more information about this application?

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or by phone : +31 (0)10 462 21 36.

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