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I am writing this while I am packing my bags for the summer holiday. Reflecting on the first half of the year, we have had an interesting and challenging semester. You have been challenging us, pushing us to find our limits. Sometimes it is not easy, but truth be told we are loving it. In the last few months, we have been all over Europe presenting our business cases in the newsletters. We hope this will make you aware of the capabilities of our marking systems.

Please find below a small summer puzzle. It is time to challenge you for a bit! To make it a proper competition I will put the first 10 correct contenders in a basket. The winner will get a mini Ipad.

On behalf the Telesis Team, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your business and we hope to build and maintain our great relationship after the summer.

Enjoy the summer and see you in September!

René van der Toorn
General Manager Telesis Europe

Where did Telesis go?


1- Home of Telesis UK
2- High speed marking
3- Heart of Telesis
4- State not only for bikini girls
5- Cost effective laser marking solution
6- Silent marking solution
7- World cup winners
8- Where a lot of effort is "Putin"
9- Telesis Research & Development Center
10- Home state
11- We love to mark with it
12- Cold part of Russia
13- Location of the Technical Trade Fair in May
14- Telesis European Headquarters
15- Floating pin Telesis design
16- Country of 1150 original beers

TMC600 Controller
Smart, Touchy, Yet So Efficient!

Telesis reveal the official release date of the New Telesis TMC600 controller: August 2014!

Contact us for more details about the New TMC600 next generation Telesis controller.

Upcoming Events

Telesis will participate in:

TIV / Metavak                                               2/4 Sept. 2014
Hardenberg, The Netherlands

13th Packtech Expo Balkan                   10/13 Sept. 2014
Belgrade, Serbia

Package & Storage                                   10/13 Sept. 2014
Minsk, Belarus
AMB                                                              10/13 Sept. 2014
Stuttgart, Germany

Offshore Hamburg                                    10/13 Sept. 2014
Hamburg, Germany

Come and visit us!

Visit our Website for the complete list of events www.telesis.com