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When you think of Holland, you think about cheese, clocks, cows, football and bikes. Unfortunately bikes get stolen, and one of the measures to prevent this is to mark the bike frames. At Telesis, we have the right marking system to do so.

For the summer holidays, we recommend you travel to Ohio. Besides the beautiful landscapes and the kind people, you will find the heart of Telesis and the center of our marking universe in Circleville. You might even get a sneak preview of the new TMC500 which is ready to be released officially in July!

We prepare this newsletter every month to keep you informed about the latest product developments and their applications. With our success stories, we want to share concrete applications and generate great ideas.

René van der Toorn
General Manager Telesis Europe

Where did Telesis go this month?


In the Netherlands close to 800.000 bikes are stolen every year and in Belgium about 150.000. In order to prevent the theft both governments decided that all newly sold bikes need to be marked. With inceasing sales of the Electrical E-bikes, the insurance companies require the owners to mark their bikes. This means with the sale of over 1 million bikes just in the Netherlands, there is a lot of marking to be done.

The Telesis BenchMark®460 is very suitable for this job. The BM460 is a lightweight and economical designed hand-held marking system with a generous 25mm x 100 mm marking window. An electromechanical marking pin eliminates the need for any air supply, making the BenchMark®460 truly portable.

We created the right accessories to allow easy marking on the frame thanks to a V form mounted on the BM460 head, and a battery case to allow the users to mark whenever it is required, unrestrained by the need for electrical or air supply lines.

Unpack, Play & Mark with the BenchMark®460!

More information about this application?

TMC500 Controller
Smart, Touchy, Yet So Efficient!

The New Telesis TMC500 controller is coming soon!

Stay tuned for the release of the state of the art next generation Telesis controller.

Telesis Roots!

Telesis head office is located in Circleville, Ohio. This is where our marking systems are designed, developed and produced by very committed, marking loving, great spirited and just wonderful people. We work as a team, we play as a team and we mark as a team. Our products are the best on the market, and this is in Circleville where it all begins. We are proud of our products and we love to tell you all about it.

We open our doors to you, if you are ever around, please just call us and we will make sure the coffee is ready when you arrive.

Upcoming Events

Telesis will participate in:

TIV / Metavak                                               2/4 Sept. 2014
Hardenberg, The Netherlands

13th Packtech Expo Balkan                   10/13 Sept. 2014
Belgrade, Serbia

Package & Storage                                   10/13 Sept. 2014
Minsk, Belarus
AMB                                                              10/13 Sept. 2014
Stuttgart, Germany

Offshore Hamburg                                    10/13 Sept. 2014
Hamburg, Germany

Come and visit us!

Visit our Website for the complete list of events www.telesis.com