January News 2018

Where did Telesis go this month?

HOW DEEP CAN YOU MARK? This question came from one of our customers in Russia who needed a Dot Peen marking solution to mark metal structures. After the marking, the structures would be cleaned with a high-speed stream of steel particles (shot blasted) and then painted with a 300 Micron (0,3mm) thick coating to prevent rust. The mark had to be clearly readable after the whole process.
For this challenge, Telesis offered the TMP7000. This is a robust single pin marker able to achieve extremely deep penetration marking, and in combination with the TMC470 it is easy to integrate into most automated applications.
SO, HOW DEEP CAN WE MARK? The Telesis TMP7000 marks up to 0,63 mm deep in mild steel. The wind can blow on the Russian Steppe but the mark will remain!

Telesis supplied the marking machine which suited the customer's process.
You Name it, We Mark it!
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Deep Marking TMP7000

Although several Telesis marking systems are able to provide a deep mark, the TMP7000 really gets the job done. It is a robust & industrial dot peen marker aimed at applications requiring extremely deep penetration marking. The TMP7000 offers a generous marking window of 100 x 150 mm. This marker is available in handheld (with portable frame) and fixed mounted version.
Telesis can tailor the TMP7000 to suit your requirements, design extra protection for demanding environments, or engineer turnkey solutions.

Save time and money every day with Telesis Marking Solutions.

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NEW TMP4750 Dot Peen Marker!

The best compromise between mobility, strength and reliability. The TMP4750 is a robust marker available in both handheld and fixed mount versions.
- Generous marking window of 140 x 40 mm
- Double strike feature to mark deeper
- Up to 4 characters/second

Perfect choice for many marking applications such as Chassis VIN, Pipes, Construction structures & equipment, Machines and more.

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Telesis Laser Marking Solutions - DEEP 2D code

2D code laser marked with a great contrast and readability. #younameitwemarkit

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23/1 to 26/1 - Nortec
Hamburg, Germany
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15/2 - Sumelec
Pamplona, Spain
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Telesis is currently seeking to expand its distribution network for both Laser and Dot Peen Marking Systems. Please contact us for more information.