Spring Issue 2018

Where did Telesis go this month?

HOW TO IDENTIFY? This month we go to the Capital of Europe - in Brussels we have the TMP4750 in operation at the IVECO (Industrial Vehicles Corporation) Truck Station. IVECO has set up a network of 250 Truck Stations across Europe through an accreditation program which aims to guarantee customers access to specialized and highly efficient service workshops.
The workshop in Brussels is using the new Telesis dot peen marker TMP4750 with a TMC470 controller to mark a VIN number in the repair centre when it is no longer readable or visible, or after a certain process (with a new homologation). They will mark a chassis beam and paint it.
YES - even after painting the mark is clearly readable!
The TMP4750 is the latest addition to the Telesis PINSTAMP® family. Its generous 140 x 40 mm marking window makes this marker an excellent choice for VIN applications. Telesis is represented in Belgium & Luxembourg by the company Markopack which has the same high standards and dedication to customer service as Telesis.

You Name It, We Mark It!

Telesis TMP4750!

The dot peen marker TMP4750 is a pneumatic marker. It is available in both handheld and fixed mount versions.
The TMP4750 is a robust and versatile marking system featuring:

- Double strike for more depth
- Protective Shutter
- Generous window 140x40mm
- Ergonomic dual handle
- Multiple pin selections
- LED illumination lamp

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NEW Stiletto Class 1 Laser Workstation!

The New Class 1 Automated Laser Workstation, the Stiletto offers a stylish, safe and convenient environment for laser marking your products. It is fully automated and accomodates most Telesis Lasers.
Please contact us for more information. #telesissecurelasersolutions


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