Best-in-class permanent medical instrument part marking systems

Medical Instrument Laser Marking SystemsAt Telesis, we have more than 30 years experience in producing turnkey marking and traceability solutions to the world's largest and most respected manufacturing companies in the world. As the stringent needs of Medical Device Manufacturers continue to escalate, Telesis has proven our commitment to serving up solutions for medical device manufacturers by partnering with our client on their needs for medical market specific high quality, close tolerance workstations along with state-of-the-art laser systems. Through our investments in laser technology and innovative software packages, along with our process expertise and material handling know-how, we have developed a portfolio of capabilities that is second to none. Our large installed base of laser marking systems demonstrates the Telesis focus on the medical device marketplace.

Exceptional laser marking solutions, standardized to simplify the medical device manufacturing process.

Telesis has developed a broad line of laser sources that is designed specifically for medical device marking. This versatility allows us to mark virtually any material whether the need is corrosion-proof annealing, deep engraving, high contrast 2D matrix codes to meet HIBCC standards, "color" marking on SS and titanium, or virtually any type of traceability on any material. These proven laser technologies include:


  • E-series diode-pumped solid state lasers in near IR and Green wavelengths including the latest technology air-cooled EV40 vanadate laser system for medical device corrosion resistant marking on implants and surgical instruments.
  • F-series Yb:FIBER lasers
  • CO-series CO2 lasers

The proper laser solution coupled with the "best fit" workstation and material handling solution - Telesis offers "The Medical Manufacturing Standard" with our full in-house engineering staff to customize to your specific application when needed!


  • Concerned with achieving corrosion resistance and surviving passivation with your laser marking of critical surgical implants?
  • Having problems meeting the tight laser marked graduation tolerance specifications and repeatability on those medical instruments?
  • Does your medical device laser marking application require the flexibility that only robotics can deliver or does a closed-loop XY with Theta answer as the best solution?
  • Is it time you own a laser with a software solution that offers an operator interface with test mark power adjust, barcode scan for pattern load and variable text, and a log function to track the critical FDA data for marking, traceability, and validation?

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