Standard Merlin® II, Merlin® II LS and Merlin® III Software Packages

Current version numbers for Merlin II, Merlin II LS and Merlin III Software Packages are as follows:


Merlin II, Software 41184, Version 2.28


Merlin II LS, Software 47038 v10.00, Version 10.0
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Merlin III, Software 64832, Version 3.20
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The complete revision history of any of these software packages can be viewed by left clicking on the current version number above for the desired software package. You can identify what version you have by selecting ABOUT from the HELP menu of your MerlinII, MerlinII LS or MerlinIII software. If you have a software version older than listed above and wish to upgrade your software, please contact Telesis Customer Service at 1-800-867-8670. If your version ends in the letter "C", you have custom software, in which case you should also contact Telesis customer service for info on software updates.


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